When is the cut off date for bait orders ?

Deadline for orders each week is Monday midday as this is when we place our order. We then post every Wednesday for Thursday delivery via APC. Orders can be placed in advance for any month / date needed. 

I’m not going to be home for the delivery can the parcel be left safe ?

Yes of course, when placing an order you will have an option to add a delivery note. This could be anything like ‘Leave in porch, behind bins, shed etc’ This note will then be passed to your courier driver. PLEASE NOTE that the majority of courier services work until 5pm so please make sure your workplace is open.

Can I order for a future date ?

Yes not a problem, on the checkout page simply choose which Thursday you would like your order to arrive. Book as far in advance as needed. If you are looking for casters and it says out of stock then please email me at

Will the dead maggots be frozen when my parcel arrives ?

The maggots will be thawed on delivery. You can either refreeze until required for a later date or simply leave thawed and use that weekend (use within 48 hours) Please submerge the maggots in water when needed. 

How long will the casters last ?

The casters come vacuum packed in both 1 & 4 pint bags. If left unopened and refrigerated they will last up to 4 weeks. PLEASE NOTE  that these casters are packed 24 hours before delivery then chilled down, this means they are dead and cannot turn darker than what they already are. Once you need to use the casters, PLEASE submerge in water and keep out of direct sunlight.

What is the best way to store worms ?

Worms are best kept in a cold, dry room so a garage floor would be more than ideal. If looked after the worms will keep up to 5 weeks. Add small amounts of water weekly and change the peat / soil for best results.


If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at